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    Office 67701030
    Office, mobile phone 28688000
    Fax 67701030
    Lilita Dravniece 29107869
    E-mail meliorators@inbox.lv
    Director Lilita Dravniece

    Working time

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    - 800-1600 800-1600 800-1600 800-1600 800-1600 800-1600


    • Debris removal, transport and tractor services, construction and "green" waste sorting and recycling - environmentally friendly, useful for household and open to cooperation.


    • Waste removal containers for rent, Debris removal, Black earth,
    • Transport services, Firewood,
    • Containers, construction waste container (containers) (5, 8, 16, 20,
    • 22 m3) rent, debris container lease. Containers for rent. Container
    • rental. Container services. Construction waste, debris, construction
    • waste, debris acceptance, construction waste acceptance for recycling,
    • debris removal, debris removal, construction waste removal and acceptance,
    • construction waste, construction waste crushing, construction waste
    • crushing, debris broken stone, construction waste recycling. Debris
    • crushed stone and screenings sale. Siftings. Debris crushed stone and
    • screenings delivery, debris broken stone sale, shivers. Debris and
    • construction waste acceptance for sorting. Sieved topsoil and compost
    • sale, delivery. Sieved topsoil and compost, topsoil sales, topsoil sale,
    • black earth delivery. Screened compost, compost preparation, compost
    • sale. Black earth delivery, topsoil sale. "Green" waste, raw material
    • for compost, compost, sheets, grass, branches, organic materials, garden
    • and park waste. "Green" waste acceptance, garden waste collection,
    • biowaste, organic waste acceptance. Waste large-size goods, waste large-size
    • goods acceptance for sorting, sorting. Worn-out furniture and household
    • goods acceptance. Transport services with debris containers. Transport
    • services. Added sand, bulk sand delivery, sand sale, sand. Loader VALTRA
    • (wheel and rear bucket) VOLVO (rear bucket) JCB loader, excavator.
    • Bulldozer services, bulldozer, excavator services, excavation works,
    • Truck. Freight transport. Bulky waste. Snow, snow removal, snow collection,
    • Snow acceptance, removal, loading. Waste packaging. Selected wood delivery,
    • fuel, timber for chipping from waste, chip, chipping. Firewood from
    • selected waste timber. Bulk cargoes, bulk cargoes, bulk cargo transportation,
    • bulk cargo transport. Crushing equipment, construction waste crushing
    • machines, scissors for construction waste crushing, large-size construction
    • waste crushing, pliers for construction waste crushing, dismantling
    • works, building demolition, demolition pliers, pulverizer.


    Juridiskā informācijain cooperation with Firmas.lv

    Registration Number 40103069401
    VAT numberLV40103069401
    Bank AccountLV41HABA0001408038294